The TPGS Security System is an instantaneous monitoring system which will immediately alarm upon detection of either an intrusion event (such as terrorism or theft); or extrusion event (such as corrosion, leak or pipeline defect). The resolution of detection is ¼ square inch, and the real time location of the defect in the pipeline, while cost driven, can be as precise as 1 meter for the entire length of pipeline, be it 10 km or 1000 km. The fundamentals of detection, monitoring, and reporting functions along with the underlying engineering technologies, are described in detail in the US issued patent 7,856,157, along with the claimed IP. Other patent fillings are pending in various foreign jurisdictions as well as in the US.

The TPGS proprietary pipeline intrusion/extrusion detection system is an optical fiber fabric sensor sandwiched between three specially developed resin coatings designed in effect to be a protective continuous sleeve coating the entire outside surface of pipelines. The resolution of detection penetration from either outside or inside the pipeline is nominally ¼ square inch. This ensures immediate detection of an intrusion event as small as a bullet hole or a pressurized extrusion leak of the same size due to high pressure/temperature corrosive processes, or a pipeline manufacturing defect. All necessary light source(s), light detector(s), and associated electronics are directly embedded in the sandwiched fabric sensor sleeve. The encapsulating resins have been specially developed for TPGS under an exclusive supply agreement with a prominent international resin manufacturer. The pipeline security system is robust, reliable, durable, and suited for difficult field and environmental conditions.