February 2009
Shere and TPCS announce that they have jointly developed a secure ticketing machine to counter the growing threat of theft and damage from robbery attempts.
Losses from attacks on ticketing machines in 2008 amounted to many millions of pounds. To counter this problem, Shere have further developed their market leading cabinet, to detect intrusion and to delay entry. The aim of both measures is to deter attacks. Detection is achieved by fitting a sleeve to the outside of the existing case, which is lined with TPCS’ patented intrusion detection technology, which consists of a mesh containing copper wire at 2.3mm separation, embedded in a bespoke polymer. The alarm is immediate, on breaking the copper wire. TPCS has also supplied bespoke intrusion detection sensors for the lock plates. Entry is into the cabinets is delayed by various means. A prototype of the new machine was displayed at the Railway Community Safety Forum in Birmingham and has now been deployed for field testing.
Commenting on the development, Peter Morton, TPCS Corp’s President said that this was an important endorsement of this new technology and there are many applications for this technology elsewhere on the network and for cash handling machines in other sectors.