Tamper Proof Global Systems Corporation (TPGS) provides the premier failsafe security solution to pipelines, infrastructure, and shipping containers. TPGS products maximize profits for companies by protecting critical assets and valuable goods, while also providing solutions important to national security.

The TPGS Security System is an instantaneous monitoring system which will immediately alarm upon detection of either an intrusion event or an extrusion event. TPGS has examined various other known intrusion detection technologies for all imaginable three dimensional volumetric enclosures. They all indicate intrusion as a consequence of the actual intrusion; such as interruption of standing radio or microwaves; interruption of acoustic waves, or detection of light entering the enclosed volumetric space. TPGS has the only detection system based on direct interruption of the boundary of the enclosed volumetric space. Only the TPGS System can be thought of as a digital (binary) yes/no detection system. All other systems are analog transducers in design and nature, and hence have significant probability of failure due to faulty criteria of detection. The TPGS solution is in essence a simple fuse system – either there is an intrusion or there is not an intrusion. There is no service or calibration requirement to operate this passive system, and virtually no maintenance required once installed, tested, and certified as operational.

The IP is extensive in scope and deep in specific technical claims and broad applications. The number of U.S. patents issued is 10 with an 11th patent pending. The U.S. patent coverage is essentially duplicated in various foreign jurisdictions.